Be aware that throughout DOOHAd, you can often filter and sort the information displayed by using the options seen here.

Some options may also be hidden from you based upon your user rights. If you do not see a function, please check your filter selection and check with your administrator if you have the required access rights before raising a support ticket.

Once you have a DOOHAd account, you will need to set up your Organisations, users and clients.

Organisations allow you to completely separate the users, campaigns, locations etc. They are not normally required for most DooH installations as often only a single organisation owns and operates the displays being used and can manage access via user accounts. However they can be useful when organisations have multiple tiers or when an organisation is supporting a number of third party organisations.

If you need to make additional organisations, choose Organisations from the Settings menu. Add a title and description (and optional image).

You need to select a Primary user - this person has direct access to the account and will receive notifcations about the organisation.

If you are expecting to use the 'Invite client' option (this allows you to set up a campaign and assign it to the players, then let clients manage the media in the slots you have defined), you may wish to provide a custom email template for the message which is sent to the client. This is done per organisation.

To amend the text, choose 'Global Settings' from the Settings menu. The email should be plain text for maximum compatibility, although you can include many HTML elements.

Within the text if you wish to include the detail of the client name and the Slot(s) they have been assigned to, these fields can be added with the $$SLOT and $$CLIENT fields.


When users are added, they can be added at the 'Master Organisation' level and have visibility of the sub organisations. Or they can be added in a lower level and only see items within that level.